MODEX Brochure  l  Alcan Cable
Modex Brochure
Challenge – You only get one chance to make a favorable impression with your brochure design. In fact, you get about 10 seconds before you find out whether or not your brochure passes the “Trash Can” test. Alcan Cable’s outdated brochures were headed for the garbage can. They were unhappy with
the old brochures’ confusing copy and clichéd images — which weren’t necessarily doing their business a service. Another drawback, the existing design looked similar to that of their competition.

Solution –Working closely with the Alcan Cable team, a new collateral system was devised. The new system was initially rolled out on Alcan Cable’s MODEX product line. The clean, new sophisticated look of this new collateral is helping Alcan Cable build strong branding for their product business.
Need a new collateral system that will pass the Trash Can Test? Here are the top ways to make sure your customers read — not toss — your brochures:
1 – Appeal to Emotions: people buy based on emotions and justify with logic
2 – Be Professional: use good quality photos, images, and graphics
3 – Be Personal: connect personally with your audience from their perspective
4 – Achieve Readability: include bullet points, arrows, boxes or other graphics to improve readability
5 – Speak the Language: the simpler your communications, the easier to connect with your target market
6 – Lead with Benefits: grab your target market’s emotion by selling time savings, enhanced productivity, or other powerful benefit
7 – Have a Single Message: Don’t confuse the customer — deliver one clear, compelling message
8 – Focus on a Product or Service: The more choices you offer prospects, the greater the chance you will confuse and lose them
9 – Make an Action Call: direct the customer to take a specific action such as a phone call for more information or to visit your website